Wednesday, January 27, 2016

No More Sleep, I've Got KD Dust on my Cheeks

I am Philip Shearing, AKA Jeremy Brendan. I used to be a blogger and wrote a couple of hundred articles/interviews/reviews/political op-eds between the years 2003 to 2007.

Writing for some is like watching the Canadian side of Niagara Falls, with these lucky ducks able to observe the deluge of ideas and dreams that course forth, only having to go to the trouble of jotting them down as they flow past. This has been documented to make less prolific authors jealous, malcontent, or even in some cases suicidal.

I was never blessed with that flood--I had to consciously try to write every day, or at least get sufficiently sauced on cheap House ale and carry around a pretentious little notebook with a Bic Pen, tawdry notes back and forth with buxom classmates on the back pages--so going into what I am afraid to call blog-hibernation in the years since then was a blessed relief.

Today, that sleep will end. I have found a cause that gently swept the harp in my heart, the Campaign to Save Ketchup Doritos (KD). [Note of disclosure: I'm also in love with the other half of this blog and we live together, but that does not temper my deep and undying affection for KD.] 

We are demonstrating today the beginning of what I hope will prove to be an exponential curve (1 blogger becomes 2 becomes 4 and so on) to drive the cause forward, to guarantee that our children and our children's children can all enjoy Ketchup Doritos without fear of reprisal or state sanction.

Join us in this great cause. Donate if you can.