Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Doritos are made from corn, not potato.

It has happened! My first mention on another blog!

At first, I  thought the author of this article appeared to understand my cause and dedication to seeing the Save Ketchup Doritos! Campaign move forward. My excitement from this recognition has been stifled by the insincerity the author appears to have once you finish the read. There was no consultation, the article was devoid of references, and the facts inaccurate. Say it ain't so. 

We have seen it many times before: a true fact becomes of interest to the people and as it grows, especially if the rate is high or exponential, the more distorted and altered the facts become until they are, well, not facts at all. 

What is terribly important about this article is the botched description of my education, writing that I am earning an MA in phamacology. Here is a link to my MSc thesis from the University of Toronto libraries in cell biology. I am presently in pursuit of the cure for Alzheimer's Disease (in addition to my championing the fight to save the new KD).

The more time I spent thinking of it though, the more I wondered what an MA in pharmacology would study? Maybe be the visual piece of the puzzle in teaching and communicating the study of pharma? But this is a moot point here.

The writing seems to lack a certain respect for personal relationships. the article recalls a time when I had a stint drumming in my boyfriend's band. Our respectful decision to separate love and profession in this band (we are in a band together called Muffin Cup) was written about casually as a quarrel about an encore (and who would care about this fact anyway?) The author also hurried the upcoming release of Paddle to the Sea's first album to this week?!! I am not sure when it is but no date of release has been announced.

Stay tuned music lovers. 

While some are making tracks, others are losing their facts.