Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Factory Doritos Dust Grows to Unmanagable Proportions

Chaos and confusion met some lost Okies travelling down the coast of California this morning as they bore witness to what was described as giant rainbow clouds sweeping up the black asphalt and brown seed that used to cover the landscape.

What is the fate of a people who flee their homes from nature's plight? Does the pace of progress prevent them from ever getting there? Some say it reminded them of how the dust bowl of the dirty thirties looks on a colour TV. Even Woody Guthrie couldn't have guided them through the storm with a song.

They are not seeing through the dust clouds, those Okie. They are selfishly just trying to make money despite what the company may incur if anything happens because of their perseverance. People were wearing gas masks to keep dust out of the eyes or risk going blind in high winds.

"It's as if it follows you," one said.

"There's no escaping it," said another.

It was during the dust bowl years, in fact, when Frito met Lay and, as though it was destiny, were to marry some 30 years later and soon after, give birth to the Doritos corn chip. The present is a trying time for Frito-Lay but my prayers are with them. Maybe a great author will write a book about this tragedy and it will overshadow the triteness of anything about grapes.

Over the course of a day it seems, enough "Doritos dust" can gather inside the factory during production and then escape through the exhaust to the outside world.

Where was the Greek god Aeolus, keeper of the winds, when Dorothy needed him and where is he now?

Some immediately wondered whether the dust was a case of the Doritos flavouring in epic proportions considering their destination was the prosperous FritoLay factory and their journey's end was nearing.

The balls obstructed the ability of the farmer's to tend to the fields where the corn is grown. It forced the decision-makers travelling by car to inch by, sweating through their neckties from a combination of work pressure and the hot leather seats. One can sympathize with the company for not yet having spoken publicly and places further importance on the success of the Campaign to Save Ketchup Doritos!

The company is trying to target the flavours causing the formation of more or larger balls than others, if indeed any stand out in an attempt to minimize economic loss by slowing manufacturing. Ironically, production inadvertently slowed as workers struggled to get to work and tend to the production line.

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