Friday, May 6, 2016

($%*()$%+_$)($%*()$%+_$)($%*()$%+_$) ANONYMOUSHACK!!!- let the truth be told ($%*()$%+_$)($%*()$%+_$)($%*()$%+_$)

Beware of  The Far Right.

Make a right turn.

Then make another right turn so you are far right.

Where are you now?

In the opposite direction. But not left. Just equally apart from left as your initial right (view).

So I know what I do. And I will turn around again and as I do it, I would try and find a reason why I evaded my (republican) views.

In Innu culture, they have no word for beginning and end. There is simply a time when it will come again. Their language was cyclical.