Friday, May 27, 2016

A bag of Ketchup Doritos could have saved Trayvon Martin's Life

What if Trayvon Martin's intention was to walk into a 7-11, purchase a bag of Ketchup Doritos and a drink and go on his merry way?

A new look into the case suggests why he was found along the neighbourhood watch route of George Zimmerman on the night of February 26, 2012. It seems he was looking to score a bag of Ketchup Doritos when he was fatally shot by the resident who claims he acted in self-defense towards the intruder in his gated community.

In his hands, Trayvon was carrying a bag of Skittles and an Arizona watermelon drink when the incident occurred. What was not in the 7-11 plastic bag however, was a bag of Ketchup Doritos, his ultimate snack.

Sources say Trayvon had heard that the Canadian favourite was being sold in the areas close to where the Doritos corn chip was founded back when it was ok to be free and have a mascot like, Frito Bandito with no repercussions.

[Guest Editor Jeremy Brendan notes: Ketchup Doritos Blog prides itself on supporting the Republican Party, as the GOP typically enjoys Doritos more than the witless Dems who are typically vegan and/or against flavor. The grim reality is, however, that George Zimmerman inhibited Trayvon's right to enjoy Ketchup Doritos. So, with great reluctance, we must say that Black Lives Matter, as long as they're living the American Doritos Dream.]

[Trayvon's psalm: "George Zimmerman will live on and enjoy the right to KD. Why should he walk free? The law was obviously against me. Florida, you see..."]