Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Montreal CBC cameraman in search of Ketchup Doritos

In a piece I wrote for JeremyBrendan, I drew attention to an idling CBC van on a warm winter day and questioned the network's commitment to reducing emissions and going green.

Recent developments lead us to believe the cameraman's extended absence from the van was unintentional as he thought he would only be a minute or two at most.  He was in search of a bag of Ketchup Doritos and thought he would pop in and out in no time only to find depanneur after depanneur devoid of the limited time only corn chip.

Now the youngsters with energy and the lefties on welly can spend all day tooting over here and there in search of a snack instead of being hard at work or hard in search of work but what about the suit and tie with no time to spare folks who need to get what they want when they want it!?

It appears that the desire for Doritos has put the lefts and rights on common ground: increase KD availability, decrease carbon emissions.

How wonderful.