Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Protesters are burning world's supply of Ketchup Doritos

Maybe there is a protest gene? And if so, thanks be to God for putting it there for those protest votes - most likely cast by the protesters lighting the fires in Portland and praising third parties- led to the election of Trump. Yea haw 'merika!!

Speaking of fires, I heard they were started with Ketchup Doritos. Yes, you read right folks, the chip is a woodsmen's best friend and in a pinch will heat you up the colour of orange you know and love. Just check out these you tube videos. But they're not camping in Portland.

I have a theory, 'merika.

We all know this loveable chip is only available in Canada so either these protesters are illegal immigrants or smugglers. Either way both of 'em bad and wasting precious chips is a crime in itself. Chips over rights to freedom of speech, protesters.
These 'testers' are in angst because they couldn't vote for the now president-elect Donald Trump, though they probably wanted to, you know they wanted to. Look folks, either they are not U.S. citizens or they are U.S. Criminals and will go to jail for smuggling KD into the country and we know prisoners can't vote (another American beauty).

In retaliation, Ketchup Doritos calls on President-elect Trump to invade Canada and recover the world's supply of Ketchup Doritos. We need to keep them out of the hands of protestors because we don't know, we just don't know.

If there is a protest gene, Gene sharp has it. He has been nominated for the Nobel peace prize several times but has never won because protesters never win anything, right?

Always a bridesmaid.