Sunday, August 21, 2016

Doritos Roulette is a Dangerous Game

Gambling is a harmless pursuit. Where would Hollywood be without classics such as Casino or The Gambler? Countless Americans depend on gaming for extra income or for free appetizers. FYI I am not even counting the thousands of croupiers, bouncers, video camera surveillance jockeys and the immense cornucopia of prostitutes who rely on the good graces of gamblers to "make ends meet."

Imagine my surprise when my trusty sidekick forwarded me a link to a website that led to another website which referenced actual journalism done by a real News-Paper (not really sure what they mean by that, but they sounded legitimate) which implied that Doritos could HARM people?

According to our friends across the Atlantic, a young lady eating Roulette Doritos allegedly suffered an "asthma attack" by eating one of said Doritos, never mind the thousands of studies that prove otherwise. 

An easy answer would be to stick to Ketchup Doritos, the only real snack worth even dying over. Doritos Roulette may be dangerous so stay with the safe option, the one you know won't spice-nuke your tongue and leave you choking like you just swallowed a scorpion.