Friday, July 29, 2016

Transgender issues are coming up again

A transgender student threw up on the hallway floor of their high school today just steps away from the bathroom facilities. The student said they truly did not know which bathroom to run into at the time because, in fact, no one has ever personally asked them where they would like to pee since the issue was made a public matter by people who are not transgender across the nation.

The upset stomach arose after the student was seen binge-eating Ketchup Doritos in the schoolyard. The Canadian-only limited edition snack was 'just too irresistible' for the American kid who was given more than a few serving sizes after his friend returned from vacation north of the border. This issue could have been avoided had a warning been placed on the bag indicating its highly addictive properties, much like the FDA does for approved drugs. Americans should not be blamed for over-eating, especially when they didn't know any better.

The issue of transgender students is not a new one but its use by the Dems to distract from real issues like Donald Trump's idea to build a wall out of corn stalks is. This was emphasized by a native of Deleware, Sarah McBride, who spoke at the DNC about her transgender experience and her support for Hillary and her party's transgender platform when they could have been talking about something else.

Another 10 states have sued the Obama administration over bathroom guidance for transgendered students and discussions will continue.