Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Emperor Bannon Strikes Back

Any Star Wars fan would agree that Emperor palpitine was always the one running the show.
Is this now true of the infamous Donald and Bannon duo too?

You know Bannon. Now take this quiz to see how well you know Emperor Palpitine aka Darth Sidious so I can take your opinions seriously when you weigh in on the subject after reading this post.

Trump would like nothing more than to be Darth, he has pointed out several times that Darth is a perfect name for him once he takes office: D for Donald replacing the E in Earth and you have Darth. Perfect.

You also may have noticed his pointing during public appearances. He took a page from Sidious with that one. Bannon agrees which is probably why he liked this photo, made by one of the writers of this blog, Philip Shearing. You can check his Instagram here and show your support.

May the force be with you!