Thursday, May 5, 2016

Saturday morning at Campaign Headquarters

Saturday morning was an unholy fiesta of cleaning our campaign headquarters and waiting on our landlord and a plumber to reattach the drain pipe beneath our kitchen sink.

Hashtag SaintHenriproblems.

Boy, I can not wait until they sell this place, increase my rent and automize the whole process so in the future I can save the one hour of my day I am spending here supervising. While they chatted in Russian as he unpacked his tools, I dashed over to the dépanneur to restock my supply of Ketchup Doritos.

En route, I stopped at a Café Baci's for two coffees as my Bodum was held hostage for the time being, one with cream and the other milk. The aroma of the coffee brewing in the café was crisp and bright, like a finely baked Ketchup Dorito. My mind was left to wander.

The Doritos snack is a perfect balance of flavours. It leaves a memory of deliciousness lingering on the brain rather than submitting to salt or another single, one-track taste that only insults your tongue with its dominance and makes you regret even eating the one.

As the barista presented the cups, I asked if they sold Doritos to save another trip and a balancing act of hot coffee but the hipster said they only served, "real food."

"Whatever, knitted sweater," I mumbled under my breath but I would have said out loud if I had to do it again. I gave one last, "good day" while trying to memorize the intricate needlework so I could ask a friend to make me one and then left.

The morning was nearly over when I had some time to myself to read the news. One article focused on an announcement President Obama made in early March of his intention to stay in Washington while his daughter finishes high school. Fox went on to question his real motives for staying in D.C. after his term. Was he going to keep in contact with government and if so, to what degree? Would the public be informed and should the public have a voice on the issue? Questions were being fired off as were opinions from the educated and informed readers of their news source.

Most other articles were about Donald Trump. He should write a book on how to run a campaign.[editor's update: Donald is currently writing a book called, The Art of the Campaign, and stated they will be making it a TV show later next year if it does not interfere with his presidential duties.]

Unlike the Campaign to Save Ketchup Doritos!, the campaign for Republican nominee has come to an end.

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