Tuesday, May 10, 2016

'Seasoned' drones detect and deliver Ketchup Doritos

The party of the Constitution has been proudly declaring their love of drones publically since their inception.

These little gadgets play a vital role in fighting terrorism, surveillance and protecting our citizens from harms way in the name of freedom, a support upheld by some of the key players of the party. 

Now, like new immigrants in a foreign country or New York street vendors when the weather changes, drones can do whatever this world throws at them, that quality being the main reason they are a top choice in the market.

Versatility equals profitability. Drones as soldiers, drones as surveyors and time-savers, drones as toys, and now drones as spies! 

If someone is here illegally or smuggling goods due to their ability to procure and eat Ketchup Doritos and you are not only envious and jealous but it has motivated you to the vengeful state, use a flavour drone to catch them in action! New technology has made them able to detect the seasonings through any type of material.

I realize some may liken drones to toy guns and raise their hand in objection. With my hand to my heart and to the Constitution, I think a child playing with a toy drone from Toys R Us on a sunny day with a friend can separate the scenario between an army drone - looking identical to their toy drone and shooting real ammunition at unknown people who may or may not be terrorists in a far away country that the operator will probably never visit - and theirs. You may not believe in the children as much as we do but I think you will.

I agree with John McCain, Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman (R-Ariz) when he said, "No one believes you can't use drones anymore. That'd be crazy."

On their website, Best Drones for Kids, they concentrate on ready-to-fly drones that don't require complicated assembly. Little thought prior to flight makes them extra safe for the children of our future.

In a previous Ketchup Doritos' post, we alerted the public to Syrians migrating to North America for Ketchup Doritos. Now they are bringing the snack with them behind the backs of Americans so desperately trying for their legit stay in the U.S. of A.

Our reward to those detecting Doritos with their flavour drones is free drone-delivered Doritos for a year.

Go get 'em!