Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The Queen of Clubs and King of Diamonds Play a Poker Game

This election has Hillary and Trump held up in a poker game where both of them are claiming to have a queen card and Trump is accusing Hillary of bluffing.

Manhattan boy Trump was disappointed after the first few hands of the game understandable when you find out he thought it was going to be a game of strip poker with an unlimited supply of Ketchup Doritos.

To find only one bowl of KD at the card table seemed to be an intentional misstep but in hindsight, may be reflective of their limited supply due to their clever award-winning marketing. Is it any wonder why Trump would like Ketchup Doritos? Though there was no direct mention of the Campaign to Save Ketchup Doritos directly, I can say the bowl was completely emptied and it did seem to have limited the atmosphere after it was finished.

The lack of discussions on the fate of Canada's veteran (chips) could be due to the absence of any talk at all on Canada-U.S. relations during the heated match. The wall, however, was a topic that kept rearing its sexy head. I am with Donald on this one, we'll have a great wall and actually it can be a good-looking wall, as wall go. But who is it going to look like?

The statement made by James Klein, wall-to-wall Trump, was brought up and clarified as being made in reference to where his support lies in the presidential race, not in response to what he would like the U.S.-Mexican border to resemble once constructed. The delegate of the 5th Congressional District is not far off on what the wall is going to look like or should I say who.

The wall may just be a who and not a what and much like this presidential race, the choice is down to two. The wall will either reach the height of 2 Donald Trump replicas, one standing on the head of the other reaching 3.6m or 3.66m if the replicas are the rumoured to be Paul Wall. (Paul Wall is a notable dirty south rapper and supposed name behind Donald Trump's most recent mysterious big investment).

The next few hands were played while discussing the meaning of democracy and reasons why socialism is not ruling the roost. Donald was quoted saying, the working class inaction is because the workers themselves are capable of judging the merits of socialism and have found them wanting.

After a full house granting him the game, he said that just because workers consent to their unique position in the capitalist economy does not mean they are delusional about the existing system, akin to a mushroom growing in the dark and being fed b.s. I rather liked the term strategic rationality in the choice the workers have made to not overthrow capitalism. I respect that they understand their predicament.