Thursday, April 14, 2016

Change comes when you take your top off

I went to the Bernie rally in New York where I had the privilege of meeting one of the attendees. We started talking and I asked her if I may interview her about her political views. She is a Bernie enthusiast and is convinced, "he will help her out of the rubble." Here is our conversation.

Me: How do you feel about Bernie Sanders stating the change does not come from the top down?

Mimi: I would take my top off for Bernie Sanders, if he asked me to and I would show him that change does come. I mean, he already asked Hillary, and I am way younger than her.

Me: To put this in context, are there others, for whom you would disrobe?

Mimi: Let's just say that I am safe. There were risky times and one of those times I peed and felt the burn.

Me: Oh, ok. Happy to hear you are better. On a different vine, how do you think operations are structured at Frito-Lay? Are you familiar with the company?

Mimi: If you are asking me if I like Doritos then, way. Way! Am I going to get some now?

Me: We can arrange that. How do you think they get the seasoning on the golden, decadent, Doritos corn chip?

Mimi: I watched a show when they showed that the seasonings were sprinkled from the top.

Me: Indeed. Did you enjoy it?

Mimi: Oh yea.

More of Mimi's interview and one other supporter to come.