Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Feel the Burn? I'd rather chill with Chillary

Republicans are known for standing their ground. We do not flip flop our morals and beliefs from one debate to the next simply because we were caught on tape, now do we? Nor do we call out each other but rather stand together, a party akin to a family with a four year supply of Ketchup Doritos.

And it is that spirit I extend to one's voting predilections. So why then, should it be surprising that one had to indicate back on October 9th which way you were going to swing in order to vote today in the democratic primary? Have your views changed from further education in reading, conversing over time, new information, blah blah blah WWJD?

But I must remember that the fight tonight is not even my fight. If and only if, I had to choose between feeling the two, I would choose to chill with Chillary over feeling the Burn.

Some Bernie supporters have said that they were unable to get to their polling stations to which I respond, on a day as important as this I would have advised to take a limo. That would solve the problem and you would arrive in style.

Another nail in the tire came from the group of underage teens stating their intention to vote in today's primary. Some reporters were describing the cohort of Bernie supporters too young to vote today as children away from their parents and family. I encourage you that I will not let Bernie lure underage voters and defame the constitution. That is why, Ketchup Doritos will be supplying the Hillary campaign with a limited supply to give out to children seen on the voting sites and encourage them to follow the laws of the USA while being escorted out by the military security.