Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Do I have the same favourite flavour of Doritos as a killer?

I was conducting research in my campaign to Save Ketchup Doritos! and I stumbled upon the precise description of a series of items desired for a man on death row's last meal:

"Biros also ordered his last meal: a cheese pizza with extra cheese, onions, mushrooms, and green peppers, deep-fried onion rings and mushrooms with ketchup, Doritos chips with French onion dip, cherry pie, blueberry ice cream, and Dr. Pepper" (http://www.dispatch.com/content/stories/local/2009/12/07/biros-arrives.html).

It is clear from the article that ketchup (for his mushrooms?) and Doritos were among the foods he wanted to eat for his final meal. What is not so clear, but certainly possible, is which flavour he had in mind for his Doritos and whether it was ketchup that he ate that day in 2009.

If ketchup was his chosen accompaniment to have with the deep-fried mushroom, it is plausible that he had the flavour in mind as the seasoning for the beloved deep-fried corn chip.

Was ketchup available as a flavour in '09? And even if it was not, I still have to ask myself,

"If my campaign is successful, am I also saving the Ketchup Doritos for the next crim's last meal?"

On a side note and what is also interesting from researching this Doritos-loving yet also killer-man's last meal is that there is a blog that tracks the last meal of those on death row called Dead Man Eating (http://deadmaneating.blogspot.ca/). There is a lot more one could say about this blog but in another place.