Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Trump makes Civilization V great again

He has been busy.

And just when you thought you knew exactly what he was doing (recently joining the campaign to make Ketchup Doritos great again as well as the ongoing presidential campaign) Donald Trump has also been Making Civilization V great again for over a year now.

Why? Because he can and if you download the mod, you can help him. Want to know what's in store? A recent article discusses the perks of choosing the dictator to rule. You can act out all of his microagressions and prepare for the reality if he is chosen by the American people.

And it is either a moot point for a laugh, or a serious look through the lens of a particular political ideology when I cite that microaggression and Donald J. Trump ranked the top word and top name for 2015 in the Global Language Monitor's annual survey. Whether they were always coupled to one another in the same sentence referring to each other I cannot say.

Happy gaming.