Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Genetics or Beards Lead to Republican Tears

Am I just too busy hiding from extreme facial hair in my money pit to crack a book or has someone finally debunked science altogether? Or is it the practicality of facial hair getting caught up in and amongst the roughage a concern too big to justify.

Out of 15 U.S. presidents, only John Quincy Adams was able to slip past us, him and whatever else he was hiding in his ungodly wooly mammoth beard of great creation. We all know only God is allowed to make something that great.

No one?  Well, not all of it is necessary for me to keep on playing until the end of the 18th hole, mainly just Charles Darwin with his evolution stuff and whoever else trumpeters the dogma of science, right?

The ones to be called silly are those who followed him into the unknown abyss of genetics when we were safe and warm all wrapped up in a godly blanket or doing necessary shopping in Mayfair away from it all.

Let's take Donald Trump as an example. He asks the question of whether ethnicity is based on culture, genetics and heritage or rather how you look on the outside to someone like him who knows nothing about neither you nor science. Donald Trump would say the latter because he knows things, guys. Rich people are smart, aren't they? And there are many of whom agree, whole-heartedly.

He is speaking of Gonzalo Curiel, the all too Mexican-looking American judge who is presiding over a case involving Donald Trump and whom Donald has accused of having an absolute conflict, one where he is fighting with his genes and he is winning so therefore he could not judge Mr. Trump's case.

When Trump assumes something, he is not, as the saying goes, making an ass out of you and me. I would like to think that he is predicting the future. Trump explains why we should recluse every judge who keeps giving bad rulings in this incredibly necessary 12 minute speech.

Only those who are crazy enough to believe in the theories brought forth from vigorous experiments and analysis from the scientific method will trumpet the theories of science.

To tell you the truth though, maybe I am even scared of a little moustache and unlike Nas, my suit-wearing, judgie-mcjudgerton-ways have lasted so long that it's hard to tell.